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  1. I have often tried to take exercise several times a day.
  2. 1 have particularly enjoyed getting wringing wet with sweat when I exercise.
  3. 1 have often felt a sense of tension and excitement when about to take exercise.
  4. 1 have often responded positively to an unexpected invitation to exercise despite having just finished my regular exercise.
  5. 1 have felt that I become a real person only when I am exercising.
  6. 1 have tended to use exercise as both a comfort and strength even when I have been perfectly fit and do not need any more.
  7. I have often taken exercise just to tire myself sufficiently for sleep.
  8. When I have gone out I have often taken sports clothes and equipment with me just in case" the opportunity arises to exercise.
  9. Shopping/Spending

    1. 1 have felt uncomfortable when shopping with other people because it has restricted my freedom.
    2. 1 have particularly enjoyed buying bargains so that I have often finished up with more than I need.
    3. I have tended to use shopping and spending as both a comfort and strength even when I do not need anything.
    4. I have tended to go shopping just in case I might see something I want.
    5. When I have been shopping with family members, friends or other people, I have tended to disguise the full extent of my purchases.
    6. I have often bought so many goods (groceries, sweets, household goods, books etc.) that it would take a month to get through them.
    7. 1 have preferred to keep my shopping supplies topped up in case of war or natural disaster, rather than let my stocks run low.
    8. 1 have bought things not so much as a means of providing necessities but more as a reward that I deserve for the stress that I endure.
    9. 1 have felt that I become a real person only when shopping or spending.
    10. 1 have often gone shopping to calm my nerves.
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