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Naltrexone would prevent them from developing the alternative mood alteration of reaching out to help someone else anonymously within the Twelve Step Fellowships. It is this alternative mood-altering process of working the Twelve Step programme that is ultimately the source of daily remission from any form of addictive behaviour.

The neurotransmission disease persists but it receives daily appropriate treatment that is life enhancing. As a result of working the Twelve Step programme, sufferers from neurotransmission disease are able to enjoy the full range of colour in their emotional lives. This is exactly what is lost in the addictive use of mood-altering substances and processes. In particular it is lost when patients are prescribed antidepressants or other mood-altering prescription medications.

One would have hoped that Aldous Huxley's warning in Brave New World would have taught us the dangers of prescription medications - but to judge from the frequency of their current use - apparently not. Perhaps some doctors (through the peculiarities of their training in "scientific" medicine with a dominant focus upon pharmacology and therapeutics) have become so engrossed in "treatment" that they have totally lost sight of philosophical values.

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