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As before, statements should be answered on a scale of 0 - 5 as follows:

5 = like me,
0 = not like me
1, 2,3 or 4 = in between

A total score of twenty points on each addictive outlet gives cause for concern.


"Work" includes hobbies and interests, cults or sects.

  1. I have taken on work that I actively disliked, not so much out of necessity but more simply to keep myself occupied.
  2. I have tended to work faster and for longer hours than other people of my own ability so that they have found it difficult to keep up with me.
  3. When I have definitely overworked and got myself irritable and over-tired, I have tended to feel defiant as well as slightly ashamed.
  4. 1 have tended to tidy up the mess that someone else has got into at work, even when I have not been asked to do so.
  5. 1 have found that finishing a specific project is often irrelevant in deciding when to stop working.
  6. When working with others I have tended to disguise the full amount of time and effort that I put into my work.
  7. 1 have tended to keep reserve projects up my sleeve just in case I find some time, even a few minutes, to spare.
  8. I have regularly covered other people's work and responsibilities even when there was no need for me to do so.
  9. Other people have expressed repeated serious concern over the amount of time I spend working.
  10. I have found that once I start work in any day it has been difficult to get "out of the swing of it" and relax.


  1. I have often been so tired with exercise that I have found it difficult to walk or to climb up stairs.
  2. I have preferred to exercise alone rather than in company.
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